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Alberta Public Library Service
Name Address City Province Postal Phone No. Hours
Acadia No. 34 Library Board, M.D. of 
   Acadia103 - 1 Avenue NWAcadia ValleyABT0J 0A0403-972-3744
Acme Library Board, Village of
   Acme610 Walsh AvenueAcmeABT0M 0A0403-546-3879
Airdrie Library Board, City of
   Airdrie304 Main Street SEAirdrieABT4B 3C3403-948-0600
Alberta Beach Library Board
   Alberta Beach4811- 50th AvenueAlberta BeachABT0E 0A0780-924-3491
Alix Library Board, Village of
   Alix4928 - 50th StreetAlixABT0C 0B0403-747-3233
Alliance Library Board, Village of
   Alliance101 - 1 StreetAllianceABT0B 0A0780-879-3733
Amisk Library Board, Village of
   Amisk5007 - 50 StreetAmiskABT0B 0B0780-628-5457
Andrew Library Board, Village of
   Andrew5021 - 50 StreetAndrewABT0B 0C0780-365-3501
Arrowwood Library Board, Village of
   Arrowwood22 Centre StreetArrowwoodABT0L 0B0403-534-3932
Athabasca County Library Board
   Athabasca County - library board3602 - 48 AvenueAB
   GrasslandGrasslandABT0A 1V0780-525-3733M,W, Th 9-5; Tu, F 12-9; Sa 12-5
   RochesterP O Box 309RochesterABT0G 1Z0780-698-3970
   Wandering River5001 - 56 StreetWandering RiverABT0A 3M0780-771-3939
Athabasca Library Board, Town of
   Athabasca4716 - 48th StreetAthabascaABT9S 1R2780-675-2735
Banff Library Board, Town of 
   Banff101 Bear StreetBanffABT1L 1H3403-762-2661
Barnwell Library Board, Village of
   Barnwell500 - 2nd Street WBarnwellABT0K 0B0403-223-2902
Barrhead Library Board
   Barrhead5103 - 53rd AvenueBarrheadABT7N 1N9780-674-8519
   Barrhead - library boardAB
   Neerlandia5000 - 50 StreetNeerlandiaABT0G 1R0780-674-5384
Bashaw Library Board, Town of
   Bashaw5020 - 52 StreetBashawABT0B 0H0780-372-4055
Bassano Library Board, Town of
   Bassano522 - 2 AvenueBassanoABT0J 0B0403-641-4065
Bawlf Library Board, Village of
   Bawlf203 Hanson StreetBawlfABT0B 0J0780-373-3882
Beaumont Library Board, City of
   Beaumont5700 - 49 StreetBeaumontABT4X 1S7780-929-2665
Beaverlodge Library Board, Town of
   Beaverlodge406 - 10 StreetBeaverlodgeABT0H 0C0780-354-2569
Beiseker Library Board, Village of
   Beiseker401 - 5 StreetBeisekerABT0M 0G0403-947-3230
Bentley Library Board, Town of
   Bentley5014 - 49 AvenueBentleyABT0C 0J0403-748-4626
Berwyn Library Board, Village of
   Berwyn5105 - 51 StreetBerwynABT0H 0E0780-338-3616
Big Lakes County Library Board
   Kinuso500 Kinuso AvenueKinusoABT0G 1K0780-775-3694
Big Valley Library Board, Village of
   Big Valley29 - 1 Avenue SouthBig ValleyABT0J 0G0403-876-2642
Birch Hills County Library Board
   Birch Hills County - library boardEagleshamABT0H 1H0
   EagleshamP O Box 206EagleshamABT0H 1H0780-359-3792
   TangentP O Box 63TangentABT0H 3J0780-359-2666
Blackfalds Library Board, Town of
   Blackfalds5018 Waghorn StreetBlackfaldsABT0M 0J0403-885-2343
Bon Accord Library Board, Town of
   Bon Accord5025 - 50 AvenueBon AccordABT0A 0K0780-921-2540
Bonnyville Library Board, Town of
   Bonnyville4804 - 49th AvenueBonnyvilleABT9N 2J3780-826-3071
Bonnyville No. 87 Library Board, M.D. of - disabled
   Bonnyville No. 87 - M.D.BonnyvilleABT9N 2J7(780) 826-3609
Bow Island Library Board, Town of
   Bow Island510 Centre StreetBow IslandABT0K 0G0403-545-2828
Bowden Library Board, Town of
   Bowden2101 - 20 AvenueBowdenABT0M 0K0403-224-3688
Boyle Library Board, Village of
   Boyle5002 - 3 StreetBoyleABT0A 0M0780-689-4161
Brazeau County Library Board - disabled
   Brazeau CountyDrayton ValleyABT7A 1R1(780) 542-7777
Breton Library Board, Village of
   Breton4916 - 50 AvenueBretonABT0C 0P0780-696-3740
Brooks Library Board, City of
   Brooks420 - 1 Avenue WBrooksABT1R 1B9403-362-2947
Bruderheim Library Board, Town of
   Bruderheim5017 - 49 Street (Queen Street)BruderheimABT0B 0S0780-796-3032
Calgary Library Board, City of 
   Calgary616 Macleod Trail SECalgaryABT2G 2M2403-260-2600
   CPL-Alexander Calhoun3223 14th St SWCalgaryABT2T 3V8403-260-2010M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Bowness7930 Bowness Rd NWCalgaryABT3B 0E8403-260-2600M 1-8; Tu-W 10-8; Th-Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Country Hills11950 Country Village Link NECalgaryABT3K 6E3403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 9-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5;
   CPL-Crowfoot8665 Nose Hill Dr NWCalgaryABT3G 5T3403-260-2600M-Th 9-9; F 9-6; Sa 9-5; Su 12-5;
   CPL-Fish Creek11161 Bonaventure Dr SECalgaryABT2J 6S1403-260-2600M-Th 9-9; F 9-6; Sa 9-5; Su 12-5;
   CPL-Forest Lawn4807 8th Ave SECalgaryABT2A 4M1403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Glenmore Square7740 18th St SEABM-Tu,Th 10-9; W 1-9; F,Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Louise Riley1904 14th Ave NWCalgaryABT2N 1M5403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Memorial Park1221 2nd St SWCalgaryABT2R 0W5403-260-2600M,Sa 10-5; Tu-Th 12-8; F 10-6; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Nose Hill1530 Northmount Dr NWCalgaryABT2L 0G6403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Shaganappi3415 8th Ave SWABM,W 1-9; Tu 10-9; Th-Sa 10-5; Su 12-5 (mid Sep-mid May)
   CPL-Shawnessy333 Shawville Blvd SECalgaryABT2Y 4H3403-260-2600M-Th 9-9; F 9-8; Sa 9-5; Su 12-5; ( mid May-mid Sep F extended closing hours );
   CPL-Signal Hill5994 Signal Hill Centre SWCalgaryABT3H 3P8403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5;
   CPL-Southwood924 Southland Dr SWCalgaryABT2W 0J9403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Thorn-Hill6617 Centre St NCalgaryABT2K 4Y5403-260-2600M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
   CPL-Village Square2623 56th St NECalgaryABT1Y 6E7403-260-2600M-Th 9-9; F 9-6; Sa 9-5; Su 12-5; (mid May-mid Sep Su closed);
Calmar Library Board, Town of
   Calmar4705 - 50 AvenueCalmarABT0C 0V0780-985-3472
Camrose Library Board, City of
   Camrose4710 - 50 AvenueCamroseABT4V 0R8780-672-4214
Canmore Library Board, Town of
   Canmore101 - 700 Railway AvenueCanmoreABT1W 1P4403-678-2468
Carbon Library Board, Village of
   Carbon718 Glengarry StreetCarbonABT0M 0L0403-572-3440
Cardston Library Board, Town of
   Cardston25 - 3 Avenue WCardstonABT0K 0K0403-653-4775
Carmangay Library Board, Village of
   Carmangay414 Grand AvenueCarmangayABT0L 0N0403-643-3777
Caroline Library Board, Village of
   Caroline5023 - 50 AvenueCarolineABT0M 0M0403-722-4060
Carstairs Library Board, Town of
   Carstairs1402 Scarlett Ranch BlvdCarstairsABT0M 0N0403-337-3943
Castor Library Board, Town of
   Castor4905 - 50 AvenueCastorABT0C 0X0403-882-3999
Cereal Library Board, Village of - disabled
   Cereal415 Main StreetAB
Champion Library Board, Village of
   Champion132 - 2 Street SChampionABT0L 0R0403-897-3099
Chauvin Library Board, Village of
   Chauvin5200 - 4 Avenue NChauvinABT0B 0V0780-858-3744
Chestermere Library Board, City of
   Chestermere105 Marina RoadChestermereABT1X 1V7403-272-9025
Chinook Arch Library Board
   KainaiStandoffABT0L 1Y0403-308-8510
   Wrentham101 Caragan AvenueWrenthamABT0K 2P0403-222-2485
Claresholm Library Board, Town of
   Claresholm211 - 49 Avenue WClaresholmABT0L 0T0403-625-4168
Clive Library Board, Village of
   Clive5115 - 50 StreetCliveABT0C 0Y0403-784-3131
Coaldale Library Board, Town of
   Coaldale2014 - 18 StreetCoaldaleABT1M 1N1403-345-1340
Cochrane Library Board, Town of
   Cochrane405 Railway Street WCochraneABT4C 2E2403-932-4353
Cold Lake Library Board, City of
   Cold Lake5513 B - 48 AvenueCold LakeABT9M 1X9780-594-5101
   Grand Centre - Disabled5513 - 48 AvenueAB
   Harbor View - Disabled5513 Eighth AveAB
Consort Library Board, Village of
   Consort5215 - 50 StreetConsortABT0C 1B0403-577-2501
Coronation Library Board, Town of
   Coronation5001 Royal AvenueCoronationABT0C 1C0403-578-3445
Coutts Library Board, Village of
   Coutts218 - 1 Avenue SCouttsABT0K 0N0403-344-3804
Cremona Library Board, Village of
   Cremona205 - 1 Street EastCremonaABT0M 0R0403-637-3100
Crossfield Library Board, Town of
   Crossfield1026 Chisholm AvenueCrossfieldABT0M 0S0403-946-4232
Crowsnest Pass Library Board, Municipality of
   Blairmore - Disabled2111 - 127 StreetBlairmoreABT0K 0E0403-562-8393
   Crowsnest Pass2114 - 127th StreetBlairmoreABT0K 0E0403-562-8393
Cypress County Library Board
   Cypress County - library boardRalstonABT0J 2N0
   Graham35 Dugway DrRalstonABT0J 2N0403-544-3670
   Irvine78 S Railway AvenueIrvineABT0J 1V0403-834-3437
Czar Library Board, Village of
   Czar5005 - 49 AvenueCzarABT0B 0Z0780-857-2895
Daysland Library Board, Town of 
   Daysland5130 - 50 StreetDayslandABT0B 1A0780-781-0005
Delburne Library Board, Village of
   Delburne2210 Main StreetDelburneABT0M 0V0403-749-3848
Delia Library Board, Village of
   Delia205 - 3 Avenue NDeliaABT0J 0W0403-364-3777
Derwent Library Board, Village of
   Derwent - Library 1304 1 AveDerwentABT0B 1C0780-741-3792
   Derwent - Library 2AB
   Derwent - library boardAB
Devon Library Board, Town of
   Devon101 - 17 Athabasca AvenueDevonABT9G 1G5780-987-3720
Didsbury Library Board, Town of
   Didsbury2033 - 19 AvenueDidsburyABT0M 0W0403-335-3142
Donalda Library Board, Village of
   Donalda5001 Main StreetDonaldaABT0B 1H0403-883-2665
Drayton Valley Library Board, Town of
   Drayton Valley5120 - 52 StreetDrayton ValleyABT7A 1R7780-514-2722
Drumheller Library Board, Town of
   Drumheller80 Veterans WayDrumhellerABT0J 0Y0403-823-1371
Duchess Library Board, Village of
   Duchess256 A Louise AvenueDuchessABT0J 0Z0403-378-4369
Eckville Library Board, Town of 
   Eckville4855 - 51 AvenueEckvilleABT0M 0X0403-746-3240
Edberg Library Board, Village of
   Edberg48 First Avenue WEdbergABT0B 1J0780-678-5606
Edgerton Library Board, Village of
   Edgerton5037 - 50 AvenueEdgertonABT0B 1K0780-755-3933
Edmonton Library Board, City of
   Edmonton7 Sir Winston Churchill SquareEdmontonABT5J 2V4780-496-7000M-F 9-9; Sa 9-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Abbottsfield - Penny McKee Branch3410 118 Avenue NWEdmontonABT5W 4W1780-496-7839M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Calder12522 132 Avenue NWEdmontonABT5L 2Z6780-496-7090M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Capilano5615 101 Avenue NWEdmontonABT6A 0H2780-496-1802M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 9:30-5:30; Su 1-5
   EPL-Castle Downs15379 Castle Downs Road NWEdmontonABT5X 3Y7780-496-1804M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Clareview3808 139 Avenue NWEdmontonABT5Y 3G4780-442-7471M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Enterprise Square10212 Jasper Avenue NWAB M-F 9-9; Sa 9-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-epl2go Literacy Van 1AB
   EPL-epl2go Literacy Van 2AB
   EPL-epl2go Literacy Van 3AB
   EPL-epl2go Literacy Van 4AB
   EPL-eplGO Pilot Sound - McConachie16607 50 Street NWABM 10-6; Tu 1-9; W 10-6; Th 1-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-eplGO West Henday Promenade818 Webber Greens Drive NWABM 10-6; T 1-9; W 10-6; Th 1-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Highlands6710 118 Avenue NWEdmontonABT5B 0P3780-496-1806M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Idylwylde8310 88 Avenue NWEdmontonABT6C 1L1780-496-1808M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Jasper Place9010 156 Street NWEdmontonABT5R 5X7780-496-1810M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Lois Hole Library17650 69 Avenue NWEdmontonABT5T 3X9780-442-0888M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5;
   EPL-Londonderry110 Londonderry MallEdmontonABT5C 3C8780-496-1814M-Th 10-9; F 10-6; Sa 9:30-5:30; Su 1-5
   EPL-Meadows2702 17 Street NWEdmontonABT6T 0X1780-442-7472M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Mill Woods2610 Hewes Way NWEdmontonABT6L 0A9780-496-1818M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5;
   EPL-Riverbend460 Riverbend Square NWEdmontonABT6R 2X2780-944-5311M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Sprucewood11555 95 Street NWEdmontonABT5G 1L5780-496-7099M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Strathcona8331 104 Street NWEdmontonABT6E 4E9780-496-1828M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Whitemud Crossing4211 106 StEdmontonABT6J 6L7780-496-1822M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
   EPL-Woodcroft13420 114th Ave NWEdmontonABT5M 2Y5780-496-1830M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5
Edson Library Board, Town of
   Edson4726 - 8 AvenueEdsonABT7E 1E3780-723-6691
Elk Point Library Board, Town of
   Elk Point5123 - 50 AvenueElk PointABT0A 1A0780-724-3737
Elnora Library Board, Village of
   Elnora210 Main StreetElnoraABT0M 0Y0403-773-3966
Empress Library Board, Village of
   Empress6 - 3 AvenueEmpressABT0J 1E0403-565-3936
Fairview Public Library Board 
   Fairview10209 - 109 StreetFairviewABT0H 1L0780-835-2613
Falher Regional Intermunicipal Library Board
   Falher27 Central Ave SEFalherABT0H 1M0780-837-2776
Foremost Library Board, Village of
   Foremost103 First Avenue EForemostABT0K 0X0403-867-3855
Forestburg Library Board, Village of
   Forestburg4901 - 50th StreetForestburgABT0B 1N0780-582-4110
Fort Macleod Library Board, Town of
   Fort Macleod264 - 24 StreetFort MacleodABT0L 0Z0403-553-3880
Fort Saskatchewan Library Board, City of
   Fort Saskatchewan10011 - 102 StreetFort SaskatchewanABT8L 2C5780-998-4275
Fox Creek Library Board, Town of
   Fox Creek501 - 8 StreetFox CreekABT0H 1P0780-622-2343
Frog Lake First Nation Library Board
   Frog LakeAB
Galahad Library Board, Village of - disabled 
   Galahad109 Lady Vivian Avenue WGalahadABT0B 1R0(780) 583-3917
Gibbons Library Board, Town of
   Gibbons5111 - 51 StreetGibbonsABT0A 1N0780-923-2004
Glenwood Library Board, Village of
   Glenwood59 Main Avenue NEGlenwoodABT0K 2R0403-393-7260
Grande Prairie Library Board, City of
   Grande Prairie9839 - 103 AvenueGrande PrairieABT8V 6M7780-532-3580
Grande Prairie No. 1 Library Board, County of
   County of Grande Prairie - library board10001 - 84 AvenueClairmontABT8X 5B2780-831-6966
   ElmworthElmworthABT0H 1J0780-354-2930
   Hythe10013 - 100 StreetHytheABT0H 2C0780-356-3014
   La Glace9924 - 97 AvenueLa GlaceABT0H 2J0780-568-4696
   Valhalla Centre9702 - 100 AvenueValhalla CentreABT0H 3M0780-356-3834
Greenview Library Board, M.D. of
   DeBolt65 Alberta AvenueDeBoltABT0H 1B0780-957-3770
   Grande Cache10601 Shand AvenueGrande CacheABT0E 0Y0780-827-2081
   MD of Greenview - library boardValleyviewABT0H 3N0
Grimshaw Library Board, Town of
   Grimshaw5007 - 47th AvenueGrimshawABT0H 1W0780-332-4553
Hanna Library Board, Town of 
   Hanna202 - 1 Street WHannaABT0J 1P0403-854-3865
Hardisty Library Board, Town of
   Hardisty5027 - 50 StreetHardistyABT0B 1V0780-888-3947
Hay Lakes Library Board, Village of
   Hay Lakes110 Main StreetHay LakesABT0B 1W0780-878-2665
Heisler Library Board, Village of
   Heisler100 Haultain AvenueHeislerABT0B 2A0780-889-3925
High Level Library Board, Town of
   High Level10601 - 103 StreetHigh LevelABT0H 1Z0780-926-2097
High Prairie Library Board, Town of
   High Prairie4723 - 53 AvenueHigh PrairieABT0G 1E0780-523-3838
High River Library Board, Town of
   High River909 - 1 Street SWHigh RiverABT1V 1A5403-652-2917
Hines Creek Library Board, Village of
   Hines Creek212 - 10 StreetHines CreekABT0H 2A0780-494-3879
Hinton Library Board, Town of
   Hinton803 Switzer DriveHintonABT7V 1V1780-865-2363
Holden Library Board, Village of
   Holden4912 - 50 StreetHoldenABT0B 2C0780-688-3838
Hughenden Library Board, Village of
   Hughenden7 Mckenzie AvenueHughendenABT0B 2E0780-856-2435
Hussar Library Board, Village of
   Hussar120 - 2 Street WHussarABT0J 1S0
Innisfail Library Board, Town of 
   Innisfail5300 - 55 Street CloseInnisfailABT4G 1R6403-227-4407
Innisfree Library Board, Village of
   Innisfree5317 - 48 AvenueInnisfreeABT0B 2G0780-592-2122
Irma Library Board, Village of
   Irma5012 - 51 AvenueIrmaABT0B 2H0780-754-3746
Irricana Library Board, Town of
   Irricana302 - 2 StreetIrricanaABT0M 1B0403-935-4818
Jasper Library Board, Municipality of 
   Jasper500 Robson StreetJasperABT0E 1E0780-852-3652
Killam Library Board, Town of 
   Killam5007 - 49 AvenueKillamABT0B 2L0780-385-3032
Kitscoty Library Board, Village of
   Kitscoty4910 - 51 StreetKitscotyABT0B 2P0780-846-2822
Lac La Biche County Library Board 
   Lac La Biche8702 - 91 AvenueLac La BicheABT0A 2C0780-623-7467
   Lac La Biche County - library boardAB
   Plamondon9814 - 100 StreetPlamondonABT0A 2C0780-798-3852
Lac Ste Anne County Library Board
   Darwell54225 Hwy 765DarwellABT0E 0L0780-892-3746
   Lac Ste Anne County - library board4928 Langston StreetSangudoABT0E 2A0
   Rich ValleyGunnABT0E 1A0780-967-3525
   Sangudo5131 - 53 AvenueSangudoABT0E 2A0780-785-2955
Lacombe Library Board, City of
   Lacombe5214 - 50 AvenueLacombeABT4L 0B6403-782-3433
Lamont County Library Board
   Lamont County - library board5303 - 50 AvenueLamontABT0B 2R0
Lamont Library Board, Town of
   Lamont4811 - 50 AvenueLamontABT0B 2R0780-895-2299
Leduc County Library Board
   New Sarepta5150 Centre StreetNew SareptaABT0B 3M0780-975-7513
Leduc Library Board, City of
   Leduc2 Alexandra ParkLeducABT9E 4C4780-986-2637
Legal Library Board, Town of
   Legal - library boardAB
Lethbridge Library Board, City of
   Lethbridge810 - 5 Avenue SLethbridgeABT1J 4C4403-380-7310
Lethbridge Public Library
   Lethbridge Public LibraryAB
Linden Library Board, Village of
   Linden215 - 1 Street SELindenABT0M 1J0403-546-3757
Lloydminster Library Board, City of
   Lloydminster5010 - 49 StreetLloydminsterABT9V 0A7780-875-0850
Lomond Library Board, Village of
   Lomond2 Railway Avenue NLomondABT0L 1G0403-792-3934
Longview Library Board, Village of
   Longview128 Morrison PlaceLongviewABT0L 1H0403-558-3927
Lougheed Library Board, Village of
   Lougheed5004 - 50 StreetLougheedABT0B 2V0780-386-2498
Mackenzie County Library Board 
   Fort Vermilion5103 River RoadFort VermilionABT0H 1N0780-927-4279
   La Crete10001 - 99 AvenueLa CreteABT0H 2H0780-928-3166
   Mackenzie County - library board4511 46 AvenueFort VermilionABT0H 1N0
   Zama City1025 Aspen DriveZama CityABT0H 4E0780-683-2888
Magrath Library Board, Town of
   Magrath6 N - 1 Street WMagrathABT0K 1J0403-758-6498
Manning Library Board, Town of
   Manning407 Main StreetManningABT0H 2M0780-836-3054
Mannville Library Board, Village of
   Mannville5029 - 50 StreetMannvilleABT0B 2W0780-763-3611
Marigold Library Board
   CarselandCarselandABT0J 0M0403-934-6007
   Cessford (Berry Creek)120 1 Ave WCessfordABT1R 1E2844-566-3743
   Exshaw (Bighorn)2 Heart Mountain DriveExshawABT0L 2C0403-673-3571
   Gleichen404 Main StGleichenABT0J 1N0403-734-2390
   Millarville130 Millarville RoadMillarvilleABT0L 1K0403-931-3919
   RumseyRumseyABT0J 2Y0403-368-3939
Marwayne Library Board, Village of
   Marwayne105 - 2 Street SMarwayneABT0B 2X0780-847-3930
Mayerthorpe Library Board, Town of
   Mayerthorpe4911 - 52 StreetMayerthorpeABT0E 1N0780-786-2404
McLennan Library Board, Town of
   McLennan19 - 1 Avenue NWMcLennanABT0H 2L0780-324-3767
Medicine Hat Library Board, City of
   Medicine Hat414 - 1 Street SEMedicine HatABT1A 0A8403-502-8527
Milk River Library Board, Town of
   Milk River321 - 3 Avenue NEMilk RiverABT0K 1M0403-647-3793
Millet Library Board, Town of
   Millet5031 - 49 AvenueMilletABT0C 1Z0780-387-5222
Milo Library Board, Village of
   Milo116 Centre StreetMiloABT0L 1L0403-599-3850
Morinville Library Board, Town of
   Morinville10119 - 100 AvenueMorinvilleABT8R 1P8780-939-3292
Morrin Library Board, Village of
   Morrin113 Main StreetMorrinABT0J 2B0403-772-3922
Mundare Library Board, Town of
   Mundare5128 - 50 StreetMundareABT0B 3H0780-764-3929
Nampa Library Board, Village of 
   Nampa10203 - 99 AvenueNampaABT0H 2R0780-322-3805
Nanton Library Board, Town of
   Nanton1907 - 21 AvenueNantonABT0L 1R0403-646-5535
Newell Library Board, County of
   AlcomaRainierABT0J 2M0403-362-3741
   County of Newell - library boardRolling HillsABT0J 2S0
   GemP O Box 6GemABT0J 1M0403-641-2261
   Rolling Hills322 - 4 StreetRolling HillsABT0J 2S0403-964-2186
   Tilley148 - 1 Avenue ETilleyABT0J 3K0403-377-2233
Northern Lights Library Board
   Edmonton GarrisonLancaster ParkABT0A 2H0780-973-4011 Ext.6345
   Fishing LakeAB
   Myrnam5105 50 StMyrnamABT0B 3K0780-366-3801
Okotoks Library Board, Town of 
   Okotoks7 Riverside Drive WOkotoksABT1S 1A6403-938-2220
Olds Library Board, Town of
   Olds5217 - 52 StreetOldsABT4H 1H7403-556-6460
Onoway Library Board, Town of
   Onoway4708 Lac Ste. Anne Trail NOnowayABT0E 1V0780-967-2445
Opportunity No. 17 Library Board, M.D. of
   Calling LakeCalling LakeABT0G 0K0780-331-3027
   MD of Opportunity - library boardWabascaABT0G 2K0
   Red Earth CreekRed Earth CreekABT0G 1X0780-649-3898
   WabascaWabascaABT0G 2K0780-891-2203
Oyen Library Board, Town of
   Oyen105 - 3 Avenue WOyenABT0J 2J0403-664-3644 Ext.2727
Paradise Valley Library Board, Village of 
   Paradise Valley310 Park AvenueParadise ValleyABT0B 3R0780-745-2277
Parkland County Library Board
   Duffield1 Main StreetDuffieldABT0E 0N0780-892-2644
   Entwistle5232 - 50 StreetEntwistleABT0E 0S0780-727-6666
   Keephills15 - 51515 RR 32ADuffieldABT0E 0N0780-731-0000
   Parkland County - library boardStony PlainABT7Z 1X6780-731-3725
   Tomahawk6119 Township Road 512TomahawkABT0E 2H0780-339-3935
   Wabamun5132 - 53 AvenueWabamunABT0E 2K0780-892-2713
Parkland Library Board
   Brownfield5001 Main StreetBrownfieldABT0C 0R0403-578-2247
   Nordegg1 Stuart RoadNordeggABT0M 2H0403-800-3667
   Spruce ViewSpruce ViewABT0M 1V0403-728-0012
   Water Valley29376 RR52Water ValleyABT0M 2E0403-637-3899
Peace Library Board
   Bear Canyon (Bear Point)Bear CanyonABT0H 0B0780-595-3771
   Cleardale (Menno-Simons)521 Cleardale DriveCleardaleABT0H 3Y0780-685-2340
   Dixonville1 Avenue and 1 StreetDixonvilleABT0H 1E0780-971-2593
   Keg RiverKeg RiverABT0H 2G0780-981-2134
   Paddle PrairiePaddle PrairieABT0H 2W0780-981-3100
   St Isidore4 Rue BouchardSt. IsidoreABT0H 3B0780-624-8182
   Worsley216 Alberta AvenueWorsleyABT0H 3W0780-685-3842
Peace No. 135 Library Board, M.D. of
   Brownvale300 - 4 AvenueBrownvaleABT0H 0L0780-618-6216
   Peace M.D. - DisabledAB
Peace River Library Board, Town of
   Peace River9807 - 97 AvenuePeace RiverABT8S 1H6780-624-4076
Penhold Library Board, Town of
   Penhold1 Waskasoo AvenuePenholdABT0M 1R0403-886-2636
Picture Butte Library Board, Town of
   Picture Butte120 - 4 StreetPicture ButteABT0K 1V0403-732-4141
Pincher Creek and District Public Library Board
   Pincher Creek895 Main StreetPincher CreekABT0K 1W0403-627-3813
Ponoka Library Board, Town of
   Ponoka5110 - 48 AvenuePonokaABT4J 1G5403-783-3843
Provost Library Board, Town of
   Provost5108 - 49 StreetProvostABT0B 3S0780-753-2801
Provost No. 52 Library Board, M.D. of
   Cadogan112 - 2 StreetCadoganABT0B 0T0780-753-6933
Rainbow Lake Library Board, Town of 
   Rainbow Lake1 Atco RoadRainbow LakeABT0H 2Y0780-956-3656
Raymond Library Board, Town of
   Raymond15 Broadway SRaymondABT0K 2S0403-752-4785
Red Deer Library Board, City of
   Red Deer4818 - 49 StreetRed DeerABT4N 1T9403-346-4576
Redcliff Library Board, Town of
   Redcliff131 Main Street SRedcliffABT0J 2P0403-548-3335
Redwater Library Board, Town of
   Redwater4915 - 48 StreetRedwaterABT0A 2W0780-942-3464
Rimbey Library Board, Town of
   Rimbey4938 - 50 AvenueRimbeyABT0C 2J0403-843-2841
Rocky Mountain House Library Board, Town of
   Rocky Mountain House4922 - 52 StreetRocky Mountain HouseABT4T 1B1403-845-2042
Rockyford Library Board, Village of
   Rockyford412 Serviceberry TrailRockyfordABT0J 2R0403-533-3964
Rosemary Library Board, Village of
   Rosemary622 Dahlia StreetRosemaryABT0J 2W0403-378-4493
Rycroft Library Board, Village of
   Rycroft4732 - 50 StreetRycroftABT0H 3A0780-765-3973
Ryley Library Board, Village of
   Ryley5113 - 50 StreetRyleyABT0B 4A0780-663-3999
Saddle Hills County Library Board 
   BonanzaBonanzaABT0H 0K0780-353-3067
   Saddle Hills County - library board5201 - 47 StreetSpirit RiverABT0H 3G0
   SavannaSilver ValleyABT0H 3E0780-351-3771
   WokingWokingABT0H 3V0780-774-3932
Seba Beach Library Board, Summer Village of
   Seba Beach140 - 3 StreetSeba BeachABT0E 2B0780-797-3940
Sedgewick Library Board, Town of
   Sedgewick5301 - 51 AvenueSedgewickABT0B 4C0780-384-3003
Sexsmith Library Board, Town of
   Sexsmith9917 - 99 AvenueSexsmithABT0H 3C0780-568-4333
Sheep River Library Board
   Sheep River129 Main Street NETurner ValleyABT0L 2A0403-933-3278
Shortgrass Library Board
   Shortgrass Library System2375 10 Avenue SWMedicine HatABT1A 8G2403-529-0550
Slave Lake Regional Library Board
   Flatbush44 HwyFlatbushABT0G 0Z0780-681-3756
   Slave Lake50 Main StreetSlave LakeABT0G 2A0780-849-5250
   Slave Lake - library board50 Main StreetSlave LakeABT0G 2A0
   Smith921 - 9 StreetSmithABT0G 2B0780-829-2389
Smoky Lake Library Board, Town of
   Smoky Lake5010 - 50 StreetSmoky LakeABT0A 3C0780-656-4212
Spirit River Library Board, Town of
   Spirit River4816 - 44 AvenueSpirit RiverABT0H 3G0780-864-4038
Spruce Grove Library Board, City of
   Spruce Grove35 - 5 AvenueSpruce GroveABT7X 2C5780-962-4423
St. Albert Library Board, City of
   St. Albert5 St. Anne StreetSt. AlbertABT8N 3Z9780-459-1530
St. Paul Library Board, Town of
   St. Paul4802 - 53 StreetSt. PaulABT0A 3A0780-645-4904
St. Paul No. 19 Library Board, County of
   AshmontP O Box 330AshmontABT0A 0C0780-726-3777
   County of St. Paul No.19 - library board5015 - 49 AvenueSt. PaulABT0A 3A4
   Lafond - DisabledP O Box 20LafondABT0A 2G0780-645-2432Tu 6-9, Th 9-1 , 6-9
   Mallaig3110 - 1 Street EMallaigABT0A 2K0780-635-3858
Standard Library Board, Village of
   Standard822 Broadway StreetStandardABT0J 3G0403-644-3995
Stavely Library Board, Town of
   Stavely4823 - 49 StreetStavelyABT0L 1Z0403-549-2190
Stettler Library Board
   Stettler6202 - 44 AvenueStettlerABT0C 2L1403-742-2292
Stirling Library Board, Village of
   Stirling229 - 4 AvenueStirlingABT0K 2E0403-756-3665
Stony Plain Library Board, Town of
   Stony Plain4613 - 52 AvenueStony PlainABT7Z 0N5780-963-5440
Strathcona County Library Board
   Strathcona County401 Festival LaneSherwood ParkABT8A 5P7780-410-8600
Strathmore Library Board, Town of
   Strathmore85 Lakeside BoulevardStrathmoreABT1P 1A1403-934-5440
Sundre Library Board, Town of
   Sundre96 - 2 Avenue NWSundreABT0M 1X0403-638-4000
Swan Hills Library Board, Town of
   Swan Hills5536 Main StreetSwan HillsABT0G 2C0780-333-4505
Sylvan Lake Library Board, Town of
   Sylvan Lake4715 - 50 AvenueSylvan LakeABT4S 1A2403-887-2130
Taber Library Board, M.D. of 
   Enchant134 Centre StreetEnchantABT0K 0V0403-739-3835
   Grassy Lake3 Street S and Hwy 877Grassy LakeABT0K 0Z0403-655-2232
   Hays210 - 2 AvenueHaysABT0K 1B0403-725-3744
   MD of Taber - library board210 - 2 AvenueHaysABT0K 1B0
Taber Library Board, Town of
   Taber5415 - 50 AvenueTaberABT1G 1V2403-223-4343
Thorhild County Library Board
   Newbrook5025 - 50 StreetNewbrookABT0A 2P0780-576-3772
   Radway4915 - 50 StreetRadwayABT0A 2V0780-736-3548
   Thorhild210 7th AvenueThorhildABT0A 3J0780-398-3502Tu-Th 10-1, 2-7; F-Sa 10-1; ( Jul-Aug M 9-1, 1:30-4:30; Tu-Th 9-1,1:30-7; Sa 9-1;);
   Thorhild County - library boardThorhildABT0A 3J0
Thorsby Library Board, Town of
   Thorsby4901 - 48 StreetThorsbyABT0C 2P0780-789-3808
Three Hills Library Board, Town of
   Three Hills122 - 3 Avenue SThree HillsABT0M 2A0403-443-2360
Tofield Library Board, Town of
   Tofield5407 - 50 StreetTofieldABT0B 4J0780-662-3838
Trochu Library Board, Town of
   Trochu317 Main StreetTrochuABT0M 2C0403-442-2458
Two Hills Library Board, Town of
   Two Hills5009 - 50 AvenueTwo HillsABT0B 4K0780-657-3553
Valleyview Library Board, Town of 
   Valleyview4804 - 50 AvenueValleyviewABT0H 3N0780-524-3033
Vauxhall Library Board, Town of
   Vauxhall314 - 2 Avenue NVauxhallABT0K 2K0403-654-2370
Vegreville Library Board, Town of
   Vegreville4709 - 50 StreetVegrevilleABT9C 1R1780-632-3491
Vermilion Library Board, Town of
   Vermilion5001 - 49 AvenueVermilionABT9X 1B8780-853-4288
Veteran Library Board, Village of
   Veteran205 Lucknow StreetVeteranABT0C 2S0403-575-3915
Viking Library Board, Town of
   Viking5120 - 45 StreetVikingABT0B 4N0780-336-4992
Vilna Library Board, Village of
   Vilna5431 - 50 StreetVilnaABT0A 3L0780-636-2077
Vulcan County Library Board
   Vulcan County - library boardLomondABT0L 1G0
Vulcan Library Board, Town of
   Vulcan303 Centre StreetVulcanABT0L 2B0403-485-2571
Wainwright Library Board, Town of 
   Wainwright921 - 3 AvenueWainwrightABT9W 1C5780-842-2673
Warburg Library Board, Village of
   Warburg5212 - 50 AvenueWarburgABT0C 2T0780-848-2391
Warner Library Board, Village of
   Warner206 - 3 AvenueWarnerABT0K 2L0403-642-3988
Waskatenau Library Board, Village of
   Waskatenau5111 - 52 AvenueWaskatenauABT0A 3P0780-358-2777
Wembley Library Board, Town of
   Wembley9719 - 99 AvenueWembleyABT0H 3S0780-766-3553
Westlock Intermunicipal Library Board
   FawcettPO Box 150FawcettABT0G 0Y0780-809-2244
   JarvieP O Box 193JarvieABT0G 1H0780-349-3060
   Westlock10007 - 100 AvenueWestlockABT7P 2H5780-349-3060
   Westlock/Westlock County - Library BoardAB
Wetaskiwin Library Board, City of
   Wetaskiwin5002 - 51 AvenueWetaskiwinABT9A 0V1780-361-4446
Wetaskiwin No. 10 Library Board, County of
   Alder Flats/Buck LakeP O Box 148Alder FlatsABT0C 0A0780-388-3881
   County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 - library boardWetaskiwinABT9A 2G5
   Pigeon Lake603 - 2 AvenueMa-Me-O BeachABT0C 1X0780-586-3778
   Winfield401 - 4 Avenue EWinfieldABT0C 2X0780-682-2498
Whitecourt Library Board, Town of
   Whitecourt5201 - 49 StreetWhitecourtABT7S 1N3780-778-2900
Wood Buffalo Library Board, Regional Municipality of
   Wood Buffalo151 MacDonald DriveFort McMurrayABT9H 5C5780-743-7800
Woodlands County Library Board
   Blue Ridge24 Main StreetBlue RidgeABT0E 0B0780-648-3991
   Fort Assiniboine35 State AvenueFort AssiniboineABT0G 1A0780-584-2227
   Woodlands County - library board35 State AvenueFort AssiniboineABT0G 1A0
Yellowhead County Library Board 
   Evansburg4707 - 46 AvenueEvansburgABT0E 0T0780-727-2030
   NitonP O Box 219Niton JunctionABT0E 1S0780-795-2474
   Wildwood5215 - 50 StreetWildwoodABT0E 2M0780-325-3882
   Yellowhead County - library board5215 - 50 StreetWildwoodABT0E 2M0
Yellowhead Library Board
   Yellowhead Regional Library System433 King StSpruce GroveABT7X 3B4780-962-2003
Youngstown Library Board, Village of
   Youngstown218 Main StreetYoungstownABT0J 3P0403-779-3864
Last Updated: 2023-02-17 Organization Listing